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Zendaya Maree ‘s Rosy-Glow Nail Trend at Oscars 2024

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Zendaya Maree , the epitome of elegance, stole the spotlight at the 2024 Oscars with her stunning rosy-glow nails, igniting a new trend in nail fashion that’s sure to dominate the season.


Getty Images

Setting the Trend: In a bold move that emphasized the beauty of simplicity, Zendaya Maree showcased the timeless allure of natural manicures, proving that less is indeed more when it comes to nail designs.

Oscars Glamour: While not among the nominees, Zendaya graced the illustrious Oscars red carpet in a mesmerizing Giorgio Armani Privé gown, the epitome of sophistication. Complementing her ensemble was her choice of an eye-catching manicure, setting her apart as a trendsetter in the realm of beauty and fashion.

Rosy-Glow Elegance: Zendaya’s rosy-glow nails, inspired by the shimmering fabric of her dress, exuded an air of elegance and sophistication, adding a touch of understated glamour to her overall look.

Nail Shape Perfection: Accentuating the allure of the rosy-glow trend were Zendaya’s perfectly manicured square nails, which served as a canvas for the subtle yet captivating shade. Their sleek and polished appearance further highlighted the trend’s versatility and natural appeal, proving that simplicity can be incredibly chic.

Predicting the Trend: With Zendaya’s influential presence on the red carpet, fashion enthusiasts and beauty aficionados alike are already predicting that rosy-glow nails will become the must-have manicure trend of the spring season, adorning fingertips with understated sophistication and timeless charm.

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