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Vermont Man Pleads Guilty in Crash that Claimed Actor Treat Williams’ Life

In a somber turn of events, Ryan Koss, the Vermont man charged in the vehicular crash that tragically took the life of actor Treat Williams, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of negligent driving with death resulting. The emotional hearing, marked by forgiveness and remorse, culminated in a one-year deferred sentence for Koss, along with a one-year suspension of his driving license and a mandate to complete a community restorative justice program as part of his probation.

The accident, which occurred on June 12, involved Koss attempting to turn his vehicle into a parking lot, inadvertently colliding with Williams’ motorcycle. Despite efforts to avoid the collision, Williams sustained critical injuries and was pronounced dead at Albany Medical Center.

The plea hearing was described as emotional, particularly given Koss’s longstanding acquaintance with Williams, stemming from his role as the managing creative director of the Dorset Theatre Festival in Vermont. Koss expressed remorse for the tragic accident, stating, “I’m here to apologize and take responsibility for this tragic accident.”

Williams’ family, while understandably grieving, demonstrated remarkable compassion during the proceedings. His son, Gill, addressed Koss directly, expressing his wish that the accident hadn’t occurred but also extending forgiveness. “I do forgive you, and I hope that you forgive yourself,” Gill stated, encapsulating the family’s sentiment.

The Bennington County State’s Attorney’s Office, following a thorough review of the crash, opted for a reduced charge, reflecting Koss’s willingness to take responsibility and the family’s desire for restorative justice rather than punitive measures.

In a poignant display of compassion and reconciliation, the hearing served as a reminder of the complexities of forgiveness and the healing power of acknowledging responsibility in the wake of tragedy.

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