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Tyla Brings a Modern Twist to Y2K Fashion in Gap’s Spring 2024 Campaign


Tyla, Grammy-winning musician is making waves in Gap’s latest campaign, infusing throwback trends with contemporary flair. In an exclusive interview with InStyle, the 22-year-old singer discusses her eclectic style, her daring Grammys look, and her role in Gap’s upcoming campaign.

Known for her seamless blend of comfort and style, Tyla reveals her affinity for the fashion trends of the late ’90s and early 2000s. “The 2000s and [late] ’90s are the eras prior to this one that I’m mostly drawn to,” she explains, adding her penchant for reinventing these vintage styles to give them a fresh, modern feel.


Tyla’s signature looks often feature low-rise bottoms, mini-skirts, and statement boots, reflecting her bold and experimental approach to fashion. “People speak about the boots that I wear and how big I go, how tall, how fluffy,” she shares. “I love taking it to the next level.”

Despite her early reservations, Tyla has embraced fashion as a form of self-expression and storytelling. “A few years back, I wouldn’t say I was afraid, but I knew my style and what I liked,” she reflects. “I learned that the possibilities are basically endless, look wise, and that excites me.”

This creative freedom extends to her music, where Tyla uses style to complement her storytelling. “I’m always thinking about eras and matching fashion with the music,” she says. “I love making outfits and looks that I would’ve liked seeing when I was small. I see them as characters. I always have.”

In Gap’s Spring 2024 campaign, Tyla embodies a character reminiscent of the “girl next door,” showcasing a more stripped-back and effortless aesthetic. Set against the backdrop of a dance studio and accompanied by Jungle’s infectious beats, the campaign captures the essence of Y2K fashion with a contemporary twist.

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The campaign’s sartorial choices, featuring pieces from the Gap Linen collection, celebrate comfort and movement, echoing Tyla’s own performance preferences. “I love performing in a boot. That’s definitely a must-have, but also something around the waist for movement,” she explains.

As Tyla continues to push the boundaries of fashion, fans can expect more daring and eclectic looks that defy expectations. Whether she’s rocking a bold matching set at the Grammys or channeling Y2K vibes in Gap’s latest campaign, Tyla’s fearless approach to style is sure to inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.


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