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The Bachelor Finale: Joey Graziadei Engaged to Kelsey Anderson

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei Disney/John Fleenor

In a dramatic Bachelor season finale, Joey Graziadei, the 28-year-old tennis pro, finally found love and proposed to Kelsey Anderson. The emotional moment took place during the Monday, March 25th episode, leaving fans thrilled for the happy couple.

During his heartfelt proposal, Joey expressed his deep affection for Kelsey, stating, “There is nothing difficult about choosing you. I can’t wait another minute to tell you that I love you.” He praised her infectious energy and the strong connection they had built throughout their journey on the show.

However, before the engagement, tension rose as Kelsey arrived for her proposal alongside runner-up Daisy Kent. Joey faced Daisy first, where she gracefully accepted his decision to end their relationship, realizing they weren’t meant to be.

Kelsey had hinted at her hopeful future with Joey earlier in the episode, expressing her excitement about the prospect of building a life together. Her genuine connection with Joey had grown stronger with each passing moment, making the thought of not being with him increasingly difficult to bear.

Reflecting on his feelings for Kelsey, Joey revealed that he began falling in love with her during their time together in Montreal. Their second one-on-one date in Jasper solidified his feelings, and he knew then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Despite rumors circulating about the outcome of the finale, with fans speculating based on social media posts, Joey remained tight-lipped about the details, emphasizing the importance of keeping the surprise intact for viewers.

As the Bachelor journey continues, fans eagerly await the After the Final Rose special on ABC to see Joey and Kelsey’s journey beyond the proposal and into their future together.

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