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Sydney Sweeney’s Heartwarming Gesture: Grandmas Star as “Little Old Nuns” in Horror Flick “Immaculate”

Photo Credit : Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO Sydney Sweeney had two

Sydney Sweeney, known for her roles in “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” made a heartwarming gesture by casting her grandmothers in her upcoming horror film, “Immaculate.” During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Sweeney shared the delightful surprise she arranged for her beloved family members.

“I flew my grandmas out,” Sweeney revealed, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “They’d never been to Europe. My Grandy’s dream was to go to Italy, she’s never left the country before, so I surprised them, flew them there, and I let them be extras in the movie.”

In the film, which Sweeney not only stars in but also produces, her grandmothers were cast as “little old nuns” residing in the same Italian convent as her character, Cecila. Fallon, visibly amused, shared a snapshot from the set where one of Sweeney’s grandmas was captured in her nun costume, enjoying a cigarette break outside.

Giggling with pride, Sweeney pointed out her grandmother in the photo, emphasizing her iconic presence and the joy of capturing her in such a unique role.

But the connection to family doesn’t end there. Sweeney revealed that her father’s love for horror films played a significant role in her decision to produce “Immaculate.”

“My dad loves horror films,” she confessed, reflecting on her upbringing. “So I grew up watching them with him, and I always wanted to do something in that genre.”

Interestingly, Sweeney had a previous encounter with the film several years ago when she auditioned for a version of it at the age of 16. Although that particular project didn’t materialize, it planted a seed in Sweeney’s mind.


Determined to bring her vision to life, Sweeney took matters into her own hands, spearheading the production of “Immaculate” to create the horror film she had envisioned since her teenage years.

Sweeney’s heartwarming gesture of involving her grandmothers in the film not only adds a personal touch to the project but also highlights the bond between family and filmmaking. With her dedication to the genre and her commitment to family, Sweeney’s “Immaculate” promises to be a memorable addition to the horror film landscape.