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Sarah Hyland Exits Love Island USA Over Scheduling Conflicts

Sarah Hyland
Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

Actress Sarah Hyland, known for her roles in Modern Family and as the host of Love Island USA, recently announced her departure from the hit reality TV show. Hyland, 33, took to Instagram to share the news, citing scheduling conflicts with an upcoming project as the reason for her departure. The announcement comes as a surprise to fans who have grown accustomed to seeing her charismatic presence on the show.

Sarah Hyland shared the news via her Instagram Story, expressing her disappointment at not being able to return to the island for the upcoming season. She revealed that she had committed to an exciting new project that conflicted directly with the shooting dates for Love Island USA. Despite her sadness at not being able to return, Hyland expressed her hopes for a season filled with love on Peacock, where Love Island USA is set to air.

Love Island USA, known for its tropical setting in Fiji and its captivating drama, was renewed for seasons 6 and 7 in November 2023. Hyland’s departure raises questions about who will replace her as the host of the popular reality show. Further details about the upcoming season, including the new host, have yet to be announced.

The American version of the beloved British dating show originally premiered on CBS in 2019. After two seasons, CBS canceled the series, but it was later picked up by the NBC streaming platform, Peacock. Hyland took over hosting duties when Love Island USA moved to Peacock, following in the footsteps of Arielle Vandenberg, who hosted the CBS version.

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In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in July 2022, Hyland expressed her excitement about joining Love Island USA as the host. She described the experience as “so fun” and expressed her admiration for reality dating shows. Hyland’s infectious enthusiasm for the show and its contestants endeared her to fans and viewers alike.

However, Hyland’s tenure as the host of Love Island USA was not without controversy. During a previous season, she faced criticism from a contestant who accused her of being disrespectful. Despite this, Hyland remained professional and dedicated to her role as the host of the show.

As fans await further updates on the upcoming season of Love Island USA, they can’t help but wonder who will fill the void left by Sarah Hyland’s departure. One thing is for sure: her charismatic presence and infectious energy will be missed by fans of the show.