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Ryan Reynolds Tracks Down Blake Lively at Super Bowl LVIII Amidst Deadpool 3 Excitement

Taylor Swift and Blake Lively hug prior to Super Bowl LVIII between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs on February 11, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds may have missed out on attending Super Bowl LVIII, but his wife, Blake Lively, was front and center at the championship game, accompanied by none other than her close friend Taylor Swift.

Reynolds, 47, took to Instagram to humorously express his concern about Lively’s whereabouts during the big event. Sharing a snapshot of himself smiling as the Deadpool 3 trailer premiered, Reynolds cheekily captioned the photo with, “Has everyone seen the Deadpool trailer? Also, has anyone seen my wife?” The actor stayed back while Lively, 36, joined Swift in cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs as they triumphed over the San Francisco 49ers.

Swift, 34, and Lively arrived together at the game to support Swift’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, adding to the star-studded affair. Throughout the evening, cameras captured the inseparable duo holding hands and supporting each other, especially during Post Malone’s rendition of “America the Beautiful” before kickoff.

While Lively enjoyed the game sans her husband, this wasn’t the first time the couple had been involved in Swift’s NFL adventures. They previously accompanied Swift to a game between the Chiefs and the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium in October 2023, marking the beginning of Swift’s public romance with Kelce.

The bond between Lively and Swift dates back to 2015 when Lively publicly declared her admiration for the singer. Since then, their friendship has blossomed, with the duo frequently appearing together at various events and milestones.

The intertwined relationship between the Reynolds-Lively family and Swift even extends to Swift’s music, with the couple’s eldest daughter, James, making her singing debut on Swift’s track “Gorgeous” from the Reputation album in 2017. This tradition continued with Swift featuring the names of all three Reynolds-Lively daughters in songs from her 2020 album Folklore.

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As Lively and Swift continue to celebrate their friendship, Lively recently shared a heartfelt message on Instagram during an event they attended together. Reflecting on the support and camaraderie among women, Lively emphasized the importance of lifting each other and fostering empowerment rather than competition.

While Reynolds humorously questioned Lively’s whereabouts during the Super Bowl, it’s evident that their family’s bond with Swift and their collective support for each other is as strong as ever.