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Ryan Gosling Attends Oscars with Sister Mandi Gosling Instead of Wife Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling
Gilbert Flores/Getty Image

Ryan Gosling, known for his captivating performances on-screen, made a noteworthy entrance at the Oscars, accompanied not by his wife, Eva Mendes, but by his sister, Mandi Gosling, turning the red carpet into a heartwarming family affair.

Coordinated Style on the Red Carpet

Mandi Gosling, elegantly dressed for the occasion, walked alongside her brother, flaunting coordinated Oscar looks that caught everyone’s attention. While Ryan opted for a custom Gucci suit with silver accents, Mandi donned a stunning long-sleeve black-and-gold houndstooth gown, exuding sophistication and style.

Family Unity on Display

The Gosling family’s presence at the Oscars wasn’t limited to Ryan and Mandi. Their mother, Donna Gosling, and stepfather, Valerio Attanasio, also graced the event, capturing the essence of togetherness in a delightful family photo—a perfect addition to any holiday card.

Eva Mendes’ Silent Support

While Eva Mendes was not on the red carpet, she showed her unwavering support for Gosling in a more low-key manner, sharing a sweet snapshot from his dressing room on Instagram with the caption “always by my man.” Even in a casual ensemble of denim on denim and a baseball hat, Mendes radiated undeniable chicness.

Sibling Bond and Hollywood Events

This wasn’t Mandi’s first time accompanying her brother to a significant Hollywood event. The siblings previously attended the red-carpet premiere of Barbie together, showcasing their bond and solidarity amidst the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

Gratitude Amidst the Spotlight

Expressing her gratitude for the overwhelming support, Mandi took to Instagram, acknowledging the outpouring of kindness from fans. In her heartfelt post, she emphasized the joy and pride she felt witnessing Ryan’s contributions to the world, appreciating his willingness to share the excitement of his achievements with her.

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Recognition at the Oscars

As the evening unfolded, Ryan Gosling’s presence at the Oscars took on added significance. Nominated for best supporting actor for his role in Barbie, he also captivated the audience with a performance of his Oscar-nominated song from the film, “I’m Just Ken,” promising an unforgettable night filled with celebration and recognition.

Privacy in the Limelight

While Mendes’s absence from the red carpet may have raised eyebrows, it’s a testament to the couple’s preference for privacy in their relationship. Despite their reserved nature, Mendes’s unwavering support for Gosling, evident both on and off the red carpet, speaks volumes about their enduring bond.

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