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Romancing the Past: Simone Rocha’s Victorian Tribute at LFW Fall/Winter 2024

Simone Rocha, the celebrated Irish designer, mesmerized audiences at London Fashion Week with her Fall/Winter 2024 collection, a hauntingly beautiful homage to the memory of Queen Victoria. Presented as the final installment in a trilogy of shows curated by Rocha, this collection, titled “The Wake,” unfolded at London’s St. Bartholomew the Great Anglican Church, evoking a sense of romantic melancholy.

Building upon the themes explored in her previous shows, Rocha crafted a narrative that delved into the final years of Queen Victoria’s reign, juxtaposing elements of Empirical costume with modern deconstructed elegance. Rich furs, sumptuous silks, and architecturally designed organza silhouettes formed the canvas for Rocha’s exploration of Victorian grandeur and the solemnity of death.

Rocha’s ability to balance technical precision with emotional depth was evident throughout the collection. Shawled fur coats adorned with jeweled brooches, oversized pussy-bows, and drop-waist balloon gowns exuded a regal allure, while unexpected details such as silver bedazzled Crocs added a contemporary twist.

Drawing inspiration from Queen Victoria’s legacy as a fashion icon and trailblazer, Rocha celebrated the strength and beauty that characterized the monarch’s reign. Just as Victoria wielded influence over her empire, Rocha sought to appropriate that strength and channel it into her designs, creating pieces that resonate with a sense of empowerment and reverence for the past.

In paying homage to Queen Victoria, Rocha reminds us of the enduring impact of female power and the timeless allure of historical fashion. “Long live the memory of the Queen,” Rocha declares, as her collection breathes new life into Victorian elegance for the modern age.

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