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Robert Downey Jr.’s Family Time: A Peek into Domestic Bliss

Robert Downey Jr. at the 39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February. PHOTO: MATT WINKELMEYER/GETTY

Robert ‘s Dedication as a Father: Balancing Stardom and Parenthood

When Robert Downey Jr. graced the stage at the Dolby Theater to accept his Best Supporting Actor Oscar, he dedicated the award to his three children: Exton, Avri, and Indio. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Downey and his wife Susan provide insight into the joyful home life they’ve built together.

Playful Energy at Home: Sharing Laughter and Love

At home, Downey brings the same devilishly funny energy he’s displayed throughout awards season. Susan describes how Downey’s playful nature resonates with the entire family, especially when it comes to diving into his children’s hobbies.

Musical Moments: Bonding Over Instruments

Both Exton, Avri, and Indio share a passion for music, and Downey loves to jam with them. Despite occasional requests from his kids to “stop singing,” the bond shared over music fills their home with love and laughter.

Cherished Family Dinners: A Time to Unwind

Dinnertime holds special significance for the Downey family, with Robert ensuring everyone gathers promptly. Susan fondly recalls her husband’s enthusiasm for punctuality, jokingly referring to him as “the perfect date.”

Baseball and Bonding: Finding Joy in Everyday Moments

The day before the Oscars, the Downey family attended Exton and Avri’s ball games, offering a delightful distraction before the big event. Baseball season, they note, provides a consistent focus for their weekends.

Generations of Wit: Passing Down Family Traditions

Growing up in a family where wit was valued, Downey shares his love for humor with his children. Susan highlights the good-natured banter between Downey and their kids, a testament to the familial bond they share.

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