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Robbie Amell Laughs Off Fan Theory of “Life With Derek” Siblings in Love

Robbie Amell. Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Netflix

Robbie Amell, renowned for his role in Disney Channel’s “Life With Derek,” recently addressed a viral fan theory suggesting romantic involvement between the show’s sibling characters, and his response has sparked widespread discussion.

During an interview with a BuzzFeed Canada journalist, Robbie, 35, chuckled at the question about the infamous theory surrounding “Life With Derek,” dismissing the notion of sibling romance within the show’s plot. Despite the persistent fan speculation, Robbie clarified that such themes were not part of the actual storyline.

The journalist playfully encouraged Robbie to revisit the series, prompting a lighthearted exchange between Robbie and his cousin, Stephen Amell. Stephen’s incredulous reaction to the revelation about the show being aired on Disney Channel added an extra layer of amusement to the conversation.

In “Life With Derek,” a Canadian TV series broadcast on Disney Channel from 2005 to 2009, Robbie portrayed Max Miller, the boyfriend of Casey McDonald, played by Ashley Leggat. While the show revolved around the dynamics of a blended family, viewers often interpreted subtle cues as suggestive of romantic tension between the stepsibling characters, Casey and Derek Venturi, portrayed by Michael Seater.

Reflecting on his experience with the show, Robbie fondly recalled his role as Casey’s boyfriend and expressed his enjoyment of working on the series. He humorously admitted to rooting for Casey and Derek’s romantic relationship, echoing the sentiments of many fans.

Despite the humorous undertones, “Life With Derek” touched on family dynamics and relationships in a relatable manner, resonating with audiences during its original run. The show’s enduring popularity even led to a reunion of the original cast for the 2022 spinoff movie, “Life With Luca,” which explored the characters’ lives as parents and showcased their continued bond despite the passage of time.

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As Robbie Amell reminisces about his early acting days on “Life With Derek,” the show continues to evoke nostalgia among fans, proving its lasting impact on viewers even years after its conclusion.