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Reviving Tradition: Regine Basha Breathes New Life into Iconic Aaron Basha Brand

The legacy of Aaron Basha, spanning over a century, finds rejuvenation in the capable hands of Regine Basha, who is steering the iconic jewelry brand towards a dynamic future. Founded in 1908 in Iraq by Basha’s trailblazing grandmother, also named Regine, the brand defied gender norms in a male-dominated industry, initially starting as a wedding dress designer before venturing into jewelry.

Despite the challenges of wartime upheaval and anti-Jewish sentiments, the family persevered, with Basha’s father, Aaron, continuing the brand’s legacy by establishing stores across the globe, including New York City’s famed Madison Avenue. The pinnacle of Aaron Basha’s success came in the 1990s with the widespread popularity of the iconic baby shoe charm, symbolizing style and luxury for generations of mothers and grandmothers.

As fashion trends evolved, so did Aaron Basha, eventually leading to the closure of physical locations. However, driven by a deep sense of familial legacy, Regine Basha stepped forward to preserve and revitalize the brand. Amidst the challenges of 2020, she assumed leadership, infusing her vision into the brand while maintaining its cherished traditions.

Under her stewardship, the brand remains true to its roots while embracing innovation. Regine for Aaron Basha emerges as a manifestation of her ethos, centered on self-love, universal love, and empowerment. Beyond jewelry, the brand extends into retreats and experiences focused on fostering individual strength and emotional connections.

Looking ahead, Basha envisions the iconic baby shoe charm as a global symbol of new beginnings, engraved on the day of a child’s birth in maternity wards worldwide. With both Aaron Basha and Regine for Aaron Basha, love remains the driving force, whether it’s familial affection or self-affirmation.

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“For Aaron Basha, it’s family love; for Regine, it’s about self-love and universal love,” explains Basha. “My end goal is to make people feel good, whether through a piece of jewelry that connects them to their power or something colorful that brings a smile to their face.”

Regine Basha’s dedication to preserving heritage while embracing innovation ensures that the legacy of Aaron Basha continues to thrive, resonating with audiences worldwide and transcending generations.