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Reviving Elegance: Zimmermann’s ‘In Illustration’ Collection for Fall/Winter 2024

PARIS, FRANCE - MARCH 04: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY - For Non-Editorial use please seek approval from Fashion House) A model walks the runway during the Zimmermann Womenswear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on March 04, 2024 in Paris, France. (Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images)

In a world inundated with digital imagery, Nicky Zimmermann chose to turn back the clock for her latest Fall/Winter 2024 collection, drawing inspiration from the elegant sketches of the 1920s. Titled ‘In Illustration,’ the collection pays homage to a time when fashion came alive through strokes of the pen rather than pixels on a screen.

At the Pavillon Cambon during Paris Fashion Week, Zimmermann unveiled a collection brimming with her label’s signature flair and meticulous craftsmanship. Drawing from the sketches that graced the pages of 1920s fashion publications, Zimmermann was captivated by the movement and drama captured in the illustrations.

“The mood of those drawings, the magazines themselves, and how fashion was depicted in the era became a key reference point for the season,” Zimmermann explained in her show notes. “The 20s and the dramatic way the illustrations hero volume and texture and movement are themes that run through the collection.”

The opening look featured a graphic silk burnout dress with dramatic winged sleeves, adorned with a free-hand sketch by Australian actor Barry Otto from the 1970s, sourced via the Otto family. Wallpaper prints and flapper silhouettes were reimagined with plaited spaghetti-fringe draping, while delicate lace peeked out from layers with a lingerie-inspired allure.

Denim, a recent addition to the Zimmermann repertoire, made appearances in wide trouser styles and spacious blouses adorned with pussy bows. Outerwear took center stage, offering a diverse range of textures with faux fur coats, cropped jackets, buttery leather bombers, and leopard print silk trenches. While florals made occasional appearances, the collection showcased a decidedly edgier aesthetic compared to Zimmermann’s previous seasons.

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The collection’s emphasis on volume and sculptural intrigue evoked the whimsical process of transforming ideas into reality. Contrasting layers and mix-and-match prints balanced retro eclecticism with modern sophistication on the runway, demonstrating Zimmermann’s mastery of craftsmanship and design.

In a world where fashion often seems fleeting, Zimmermann’s ‘In Illustration’ collection serves as a timeless reminder of the enduring elegance and beauty found in the art of illustration.

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