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Paris Jackson Stuns Fans by Concealing 80 Tattoos for 2024 Grammys: “I Like Switching Things Up”


In a surprising twist at the 2024 Grammys, Paris Jackson, known for her extensive body art, shocked fans by concealing all 80 tattoos for the prestigious event. Clad in a sleek black Celine gown that left slivers of her skin exposed, Jackson’s decision to cover her tattoos garnered significant attention on the red carpet.

“I like switching things up,” the 25-year-old singer confessed to Entertainment Tonight. “I love my tattoos, I love my piercings, I love all the body modification stuff, art, and also sometimes I don’t want it to distract from the art that is the fashion I’m wearing. And it gives the dress its own moment, you know?”

Covering her tattoos proved to be a meticulous process, taking several hours to achieve the flawless look. Collaborating with celebrity makeup artists Tyson Fountaine and Paul Blanch, Jackson utilized Cover FX products to create a seamless appearance. Given her vegan lifestyle, the choice of Cover FX products resonated with Jackson’s ethos.



On Instagram, Jackson and the beauty brand expressed their satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing the efficacy of Cover FX’s total cover cream foundation in achieving the desired look. The transformation drew widespread praise, with fans commending Jackson’s versatility and stunning appearance.

Despite the temporary concealment of her tattoos, Jackson’s affinity for body art remains unwavering. In a heartfelt Instagram post from 2016, she reflected on her tattoos as “loving marks,” symbolizing personal growth and resilience. While the decision to cover her tattoos for the Grammys was driven by a desire to accentuate her fashion choices, Jackson’s enduring appreciation for her body art is evident.

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In addition to her striking appearance at the Grammys, Jackson shared insights into her burgeoning music career. Collaborating with acclaimed musician Linda Perry, Jackson hinted at future releases, emphasizing her passion for songwriting and self-expression. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, Jackson’s music promises to be a poignant exploration of love, pain, and the human condition.

As Jackson continues to captivate audiences with her multifaceted talents, her appearance at the 2024 Grammys serves as a testament to her evolving style and artistic vision. While her decision to conceal her tattoos may have been unexpected