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Model Candice Huffine Shares the Secret to Confidence in the Fashion World


After 23 years in the fashion industry, Candice Huffine, renowned for her stunning appearance in Luvlette’s recent lingerie campaign, opens up about her journey to self-assurance. In an exclusive interview with OK!, she discusses how she navigates the industry, embraces her body, and inspires others to feel confident in their skin.

Reflecting on her experience shooting the Luvlette campaign, Huffine expresses gratitude for the empowering atmosphere created by photographer Olivia Malone. “It felt very empowering, freeing, and a celebration of self,” she shares. “I feel honored to have been chosen to front this campaign.”

Despite her confidence on camera, Huffine acknowledges that self-assurance isn’t always easy. Like everyone else, she has her bad days. “I’m deeply human when it comes to being happy with how I feel or look 100 percent of the time,” she admits. “But I adapt, I embrace, and I make sure the soul feels good.”

Having started her career at 15, Huffine credits her 23-year journey in the fashion industry for shaping her inner and outer confidence. “I learned early on the power of an image and that it could be greater than myself,” she reflects. “I wanted young girls to grow up differently than myself — to love what they saw and feel empowered to conquer the world.”

For those struggling with confidence, particularly when it comes to wearing lingerie, Huffine offers valuable advice: “Switch your perspective to wearing it for yourself, first and foremost,” she suggests. “If you are wearing something you love and looking at someone you admire (yourself), then you should be able to embrace wearing lingerie in a new and exciting way!”

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Despite her success, Huffine acknowledges the challenges she faces as a plus-size model in an industry still grappling with inclusivity. “There still aren’t enough places for me to get a dress for an event or a shop to walk in with a plethora of garments in my size and feel joy not dread,” she laments. “All I have ever been asking for is fashion.”

In her continued advocacy for diversity and representation, Huffine remains committed to empowering women of all shapes and sizes. Through her journey, she inspires others to embrace their uniqueness and find confidence in themselves, one step at a time.