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Millie Bobby Brown Skips Bachelorette Party, Sparking Backlash Over “Girl’s Girl” Discourse

Millie Bobby
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Millie Bobby Brown’s recent revelation about skipping the traditional bachelorette party in favor of a wedding-themed birthday celebration has stirred up some unexpected backlash and raised questions about the “girl’s girl” discourse.

Alternative Celebration Plans

During an appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, Brown shared that she opted for a wedding-themed birthday party instead of a conventional bachelorette bash. Sporting lavender sweats and a matching pimple patch, she explained, “I’m not going to have a bachelorette party. I don’t party, just in general.”

Friendship Dynamics

Brown elaborated further, revealing that her decision was also influenced by her friendship dynamics. She disclosed, “Also, I don’t have many girl friends; I have more boy friends,” highlighting that her fiancé Jake Bongiovi’s “fraternity brothers from back in college” are among her closest companions. In essence, her celebration turned out to be more of a mixed-gender gathering.

Online Criticism and “Girl’s Girl” Expectations

Inevitably, Brown’s remarks sparked online criticism, with some viewers suggesting that she is “not a girl’s girl.” In today’s social media landscape, being labeled as such can attract significant backlash. Critics questioned Brown’s readiness for genuine female friendships and expressed concerns about her growth.

Navigating Social Expectations

It’s essential to remember that Brown is a 20-year-old actor, likely preoccupied with film sets and wedding plans with her partner. Her lifestyle and circumstances might not align with conventional expectations, and her remarks were simply a reflection of her reality.

Challenging Stereotypes

Brown’s experience challenges stereotypes surrounding female friendships, especially in an era marked by the loneliness epidemic and evolving social dynamics. Rather than conforming to societal norms, she remains authentic to her own experiences and friendships.

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Supportive Voices

Amid the criticism, many individuals expressed solidarity with Brown and offered their friendship. Suggestions for potential connections, like Olivia Rodrigo, highlight the willingness of some to extend support and camaraderie.


Millie Bobby Brown’s decision to forego a traditional bachelorette party underscores the complexity of modern friendship dynamics and societal expectations. As she navigates public scrutiny, her experience serves as a reminder to prioritize authenticity and genuine connections over conformity to stereotypes.