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Meryl Streep’s Grammy Nomination Puts EGOT Status in Sight

Meryl Streep is edging closer to becoming an EGOT after being nominated for a Grammy Award. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AFI, van Agostini/Getty Images, Michael Tullberg/Getty Images, Amanda Edwards/Getty Images, Tony Awards)

“Meryl Streep’s Grammy Nomination Puts EGOT Status in Sight”

Meryl Streep, the esteemed Hollywood actress, inches closer to the prestigious EGOT status with her recent Grammy nomination. Known for her remarkable performances and numerous accolades across various entertainment platforms, including three Academy Awards, eight Golden Globes, and three Emmys, Streep’s EGOT journey seems promising.

The EGOT acronym represents the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Awards — the four major American entertainment awards recognizing excellence in television, music, film, and theater. While only a select few have achieved this feat, Streep stands on the brink of joining this exclusive club.

Streep’s Grammy nomination comes for her narration of the audiobook version of “Big Tree” by Brian Selznick. Although she has garnered Grammy nominations in the past, winning this year’s award would bring her one step closer to EGOT glory.

However, Streep’s path to EGOT isn’t without challenges. Despite her illustrious career, her last Broadway appearance dates back to 1977, posing a hurdle for eligibility in the theater category. Nevertheless, Streep’s legacy in the entertainment industry remains unparalleled, with 21 Oscar nominations and a myriad of acclaimed performances.

As the Grammy Awards approach, fans eagerly anticipate whether Streep will add another accolade to her illustrious career and solidify her status as one of Hollywood’s greatest icons.

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