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Lisa Ann Walter Credits Buzzer Mastery and Mother’s Memory for ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Win

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Lisa Ann Walter, the victorious contestant of Celebrity Jeopardy!, recently shed light on the challenges she faced during her triumph in an interview on Live With Kelly And Mark.

When quizzed about the toughest aspect of playing Jeopardy!, Walter, 60, pointed out the notorious buzzer without hesitation. She humorously remarked about the struggle not to perspire in her leather jacket during the intense game.

“It’s a nightmare,” confessed the Abbott Elementary star, emphasizing the stark contrast between playing at home and participating in the show.

“When I’ve been playing at home, you see it and you go, ‘Oh, I know that… the Magna Carta,’ or whatever it is. You have to wait [on the show] until they read the last word of the question and then [jump on the buzzer] immediately. And if you’re early, you’re locked out,” she revealed.

Walter shared insights into the dynamics of buzzing in too early, which allows other contestants to attempt an answer. Only if they falter do you get another chance to buzz in.

Despite the confusion and pressure, Walter navigated through the game and secured victory with a million-dollar final answer. Reflecting on her win, she recounted a poignant moment when she felt her late mother’s presence during the crucial final question.

“The final Jeopardy question where I won — the other two people were ahead of me because they had the buzzer thing down, but they got it wrong, they both got it wrong,” Walter reminisced.

The question pertained to a 1930 Mary Roberts Rinehart novel titled The Door. Initially feeling panicked, Walter recalled her mother’s love for mystery novels and the iconic literary trope: “The butler did it.”

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“My mother was a teacher and read up to four mystery novels at a time. She came to me, in that moment. First time she’s visited since she died by the way — and she was like, ‘The butler did it,’ and I won a million bucks,” Walter shared emotionally.

Walter’s triumphant stint on Celebrity Jeopardy! concluded in January, with her winnings generously donated to The Entertainment Community Fund.

In summary, Lisa Ann Walter’s victory on Celebrity Jeopardy! was a testament to her adeptness with the buzzer and a touching tribute to her mother’s memory, showcasing the blend of skill and sentimentality that led to her success on the game show.

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