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Lafayette 148’s Tribute: Celebrating Martha Madigan’s Artistry

The Martha Madigan x Lafayette 148 collection is a significant tribute to the pioneering artist Martha Madigan, known for her innovative approach to photography and exploration of nature’s beauty. The collaboration with Lafayette 148 marks a departure for the brand, as it’s their first partnership with an artist’s estate.

Madigan’s artistic legacy, characterized by her unique “camera-less” photographic techniques using sunlight and cyanotype paper, is celebrated through luxurious pieces crafted from Italian silk twill and voile. The collection features her signature botanical prints, reflecting her philosophy of nature as a creative force.

Lafayette 148’s Creative Director, Emily Smith, expresses excitement about collaborating with Madigan’s daughters, Grace and Claire, to honor their mother’s remarkable life. Smith hopes the collection will introduce more people to Madigan’s work and allow wearers to embody her artistic legacy.

Photo courtesy of Lafayette 148

The launch of the collection on International Women’s Day aligns with Lafayette 148’s commitment to women artists. Twenty percent of the proceeds will support the Martha Madigan Foundation, which promotes art education. The collection will be available exclusively during Women’s History Month at select Lafayette 148 stores and online.

To further celebrate Madigan’s work, an exhibition of her art pieces, including large-scale prints on silk, will be hosted at Lafayette 148’s New York flagship from March 13 through April 13. The opening event will be co-hosted by Emily Smith and Madigan’s daughters, Claire Khodara and Grace Fuller Marroquin.

Overall, this collaboration serves as a beautiful tribute to Martha Madigan’s artistic vision and highlights the enduring power of nature, creativity, and women in the arts.

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