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Kylie Jenner’s New Pixie Bob Sparks Comparisons to Mom Kris Jenner

Photo credit: Instagram: @kyliejenner, Getty

Kylie Jenner is shaking things up, and her fans are taking notice. The 26-year-old cosmetics mogul recently unveiled a striking new look: a pixie-bob hybrid with wispy bangs. Sharing a captivating selfie on February 8, Kylie showcased her fresh hairstyle alongside a cropped bubble top and ultra-low-rise skirt, giving fans a glimpse of her updated take on the classic French bob.


However, what caught the attention of many was the striking resemblance between Kylie and her mother, Kris Jenner, who has been sporting a similar haircut for decades. Comments flooded in, with fans noting the uncanny likeness between the two. One fan humorously dubbed it “Freaky Friday, Kris Jenner edition,” while another exclaimed, “LMAO, mother is serving MOTHERRRR.”

Amidst the flurry of comparisons, Kylie herself acknowledged the resemblance, playfully suggesting that her mother might need to brace herself for a “Body Snatchers situation.” However, Kris Jenner, ever confident in her own iconic status, brushed off any hint of competition, responding with a witty quip referencing Ice Spice’s hit song.

Indeed, Kris Jenner need not feel threatened by her daughter’s striking resemblance. After all, she is the original blueprint.

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