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Kristen Stewart Expresses Desire for Parenthood with Fiancée Dylan Meyer

In a candid interview, Kristen Stewart shares her aspirations for starting a family with fiancée Dylan Meyer, shedding light on their relationship and future plans.

Kristen Stewart, known for her reserved nature regarding personal matters, has broken her silence on her romantic life in a recent interview. The actress opened up about her relationship with fiancée Dylan Meyer and their shared dreams of parenthood.

Despite already being parents to several cats and dogs, Stewart revealed to Rolling Stone her and Meyer’s discussions about expanding their family. “I don’t know what my family’s going to look like, but there’s no f**king way that I don’t start acquiring kids,” Stewart emphasized. “And also, ideally, at some point soon, I go, ‘I want to have a kid.’ I really want that to happen.”

The Twilight alum confirmed that they have begun preparations for future parenthood, including conversations about the possibility of carrying each other’s embryos. While Stewart expressed apprehension about childbirth, describing it as “radical,” she remains hopeful of overcoming her fears when the time comes.

Having been engaged since 2021, when Meyer proposed to Stewart, the 33-year-old also provided an update on their wedding plans. Stewart explained that, due to their busy schedules, they are unlikely to have a lavish ceremony like many other A-listers. “We don’t have it in us to have a big wedding,” she revealed. “We’re probably just going to do it soon. We just are busy trying to make movies because they’re our babies.”

As Stewart and Meyer continue to navigate their relationship and careers, their commitment to each other and their shared aspirations for the future remain unwavering.

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