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Kendall Jenner Faces Criticism for Wearing ‘Oversized Diaper’ Dress at Paris Fashion Week


Kendall Jenner, renowned supermodel and reality TV star, found herself at the center of social media scrutiny following her appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Walking the runway for Jacquemus’ Spring 2024 show, Jenner donned a striking white romper that quickly garnered attention – albeit not for the reasons she might have hoped.

The ensemble, described by some as resembling an “oversized diaper,” featured a puffy, cloud-like design that left many social media users scratching their heads. Despite its unique aesthetic, it didn’t take long for critics to voice their opinions online, with some questioning whether such a bold fashion statement missed the mark entirely.

Accompanied by a thick sapphire choker necklace and matching earrings, Jenner’s look was undeniably eye-catching. However, the striking resemblance of her necklace to one famously worn by Princess Diana added an unexpected layer to the discussion. While Jenner’s long, lean physique was on full display, the attention seemed to veer towards the unconventional nature of her attire rather than its flattering qualities.

Social media was quick to react, with users offering a range of opinions on Jenner’s runway appearance. Some questioned the validity of the fashion choice, likening it to items less commonly seen on a high-fashion runway. Others humorously compared the outfit to household items, with references ranging from shower curtains to marshmallows.

Despite the criticism, Jenner’s famous family members came to her defense in the comments section of her Instagram post. Khloé Kardashian expressed disbelief at her sister’s stunning appearance, while Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both offered words of support and admiration.

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Following the runway show, Jenner transitioned to a more conventional ensemble for a night out in Paris with fellow model Gigi Hadid. Opting for a Bottega Veneta Viscose Sequined Midi Dress paired with designer accessories, Jenner’s off-duty look was a stark departure from the polarizing romper she had sported earlier in the day.

The backlash Jenner faced serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of fashion and the subjective nature of style. While some may have applauded her boldness in embracing avant-garde designs, others found themselves perplexed by the unconventional choice. Regardless, Jenner’s ability to spark conversation – both positive and negative – underscores her influence within the fashion industry and the power of her platform.

As the dust settles on yet another viral fashion moment, one thing remains clear: Kendall Jenner’s impact extends far beyond the runway, leaving a lasting impression on the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and pop culture.