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Kelsey Anderson’s Lip Filler Regret: ‘No More For Me

Kelsey Anderson Courtesy of Kelsey Anderson/Instagram

Kelsey Anderson, a contestant from season 28 of “The Bachelor,” bravely opened up about her experience with lip filler in a candid TikTok video shared on Thursday, March 21.

In the video, Anderson revealed that she had opted for lip filler injections over a year ago, despite never having wanted them before. Displaying images of her lips post-injections, she admitted feeling upset with herself afterward, especially considering she had always been content with her natural, fuller lips.

Kelsey Anderson confessed that she “immediately” regretted getting the fillers and ultimately decided to have them dissolved. She proudly showcased her natural lips to the camera, expressing her satisfaction with her appearance without any enhancements. She concluded the video with a firm declaration: “No more filler for me.”

Acknowledging the diversity of preferences when it comes to beauty enhancements, Anderson extended love to both those who choose to use fillers and those who embrace their natural features. Her honesty and authenticity resonated with fans, who flooded the comments section with messages of support and appreciation.

While Anderson may have experimented with lip fillers in the past, she now confidently embraces her natural appearance. Currently one of Joey Graziadei’s top two women on “The Bachelor,” Anderson continues to captivate audiences with her genuine personality and inner beauty.

As Anderson navigates her journey on the dating show, her decision to share her experience with lip filler serves as a reminder of the importance of self-acceptance and staying true to oneself. With the Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose approaching, fans eagerly await the next chapter in Anderson’s journey, rooting for her to find love and happiness, both on and off the screen.

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