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Katy Perry Redefines “Naked Dressing” at Couture Week


Over the past year, “naked dresses” have been all the rage with celebrities—dresses made of sheer tulles or meshes, exposing the body underneath. It’s been an unexpected trend to see A-list stars willing to bare it all (well, almost!) on the red carpet in front of hundreds of paparazzi. We say: Go for it! But leave it to a fashion star like Katy Perry to take the “naked dressing” movement to a whole new level at couture week in Paris. At the Balenciaga show, the singer stepped out in a head-turning look that wasn’t about the clothes at all.

Perry—who has been teasing her new music, including by wearing a dress splashed with her own song lyrics—is making her rounds in eye-popping fashion this week, but her Balenciaga look was arguably her wildest yet. The singer stepped out in the label’s plush fur overcoat and black, ripped tight-boots, forgoing a shirt. The ample cleavage instantly made the otherwise demure look feel racy—risqué, even! Now, we know what you must be thinking: That is not a wearable look. But this is couture!—a place for celebrities to play dress-up and deliver a fashion fantasy that is anything but ordinary. It’s safe to say her flash of skin was certainly not basic.


Photo: Getty Images

Perry’s bold fashion choice is a testament to her status as a style icon who is unafraid to push boundaries and make a statement. The ensemble at Balenciaga is just one example of how she continuously reinvents her image and keeps her audience guessing. Over the years, Perry has become known for her daring fashion choices, from her whimsical Met Gala outfits to her colorful, theatrical stage costumes. This latest look fits right into her repertoire of memorable fashion moments.

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During couture week, Perry has been seen in a variety of other striking outfits. For instance, she wore a dramatic gown adorned with LED lights to another event, capturing the attention of fashion critics and fans alike. Her ability to blend music and fashion so seamlessly makes her a unique figure in the industry. The synergy between her sartorial choices and her musical persona enhances her overall brand, making every appearance a spectacle.

In conclusion, Katy Perry’s appearance at the Balenciaga show during couture week in Paris was a masterclass in “naked dressing.”

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