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Kate Middleton Emerges Incognito at Windsor Castle, Ending 71-Day Absence

Photo by Cameron Smith/Getty Images

In what is arguably the most widely-discussed sighting since Serena Van Der Woodsen was spied at Grand Central Station, Kate Middleton has been spotted for the first time since her rumoured “disappearance” on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The Princess of Wales has concluded her 71-day absences from public view, though she won’t officially return to community-facing duties until after the Easter weekend, by pulling a Prince Philip. That is, riding shotgun in a luxury vehicle through the Berkshire palace grounds. In pictures, which you can view here, Middleton cut an incognito, albeit highly identifiable, figure in dark glasses and a coat that obscured her figure. She sat in the passenger seat of the car as her mother, Carole Middleton, chauffeured her around the historic surroundings.

It’s not clear if she was merely going on a joy ride to subtly prove conspiracy theorists incorrect in their assumption that she was actually at Glasgow moonlighting as an Oompa Loompa at the nightmare-fulled Willy Wonka experience or Miami getting a Brazillian butt lift. However, the surreptitious timing of this jaunt proves a picture does indeed say a thousand words.

As you’ll recall, Buckingham Palace prohibited discussing the former Duchess of Cambridge in her recovery from the “planned abdomen surgery” unless a significant change required the public’s input. So while they can’t comment directly, parading Middleton around in an Audi SUV is a strategic manoeuvre that acknowledges they’re aware of the discourse.

Of course, this supposed “proof” of her wellbeing has further propelled speculation around her safety, with many on social media claiming there’s been an invasion of the body snatchers and refusing to believe the woman in question is Middleton herself. Though this is one mystery the internet intends on getting to the bottom of, may we be the first to say images of the mother-of-three give new meaning to the phrase “passenger princess” has made our day.

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