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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s First Public PDA in Manhattan


Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper surprised onlookers during a recent dinner outing in Manhattan’s West Village. The couple, accompanied by Queer Eye stars Antoni Porowski and Tan France, shared their first public display of affection, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Despite not making their couple debut at this year’s Oscars, their heartfelt moment at Via Carota captured the attention of paparazzi and fans alike.

In the candid snapshots, Hadid was seen affectionately grabbing Cooper’s face as she leaned in for a kiss, while Cooper reciprocated with a smile, indicating their mutual affection. Following their intimate dinner with friends, the couple was spotted leaving the restaurant hand in hand, further solidifying their bond.

Rumors about their romance initially surfaced in October 2023 when they were seen leaving a group dinner together in New York. Since then, their relationship has reportedly progressed, with sources describing them as deeply in love. According to insiders, Hadid and Cooper have discussed their future together and are eager to take the next steps in their relationship.

“They have already spoken about their future together and next steps. They are great at communicating with each other in a healthy, open, and honest way,” revealed a source to Entertainment Tonight. Another insider emphasized the natural connection between the two, stating, “Things have continued to blossom between Gigi and Bradley and have gotten serious. Everyone around them sees their natural connection.”

Hadid and Cooper’s public display of affection signifies a bold step forward in their relationship, showcasing their genuine affection for each other. As they navigate their romance in the public eye, their fans eagerly await further updates on their journey together.

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