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Fenty Beauty Joins Broccoli Freckles Trend: A Playful Twist on Faux Freckles

Photo Credit: @cajsawessberg/@fentybeauty/Instagram

Fenty Beauty, the brainchild of Rihanna, has embraced the whimsical world of broccoli freckles, adding a playful twist to the faux freckles trend that has captivated beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Freckles, those charming spots of sun-kissed skin, have long been adored in the beauty community. While some are naturally blessed with these delightful marks, others turn to makeup to recreate the look. The faux freckle trend, which has seen a resurgence in recent years, has now taken an unexpected turn with the emergence of broccoli as a key player.

The broccoli freckles technique, pioneered by makeup enthusiasts, involves using a floret of broccoli dipped in a suitable makeup product to dab freckle-like dots on the face. This innovative approach creates a natural, scattered pattern reminiscent of real freckles, adding a quirky touch to makeup routines.

Fenty Beauty’s recent Instagram repost showcased a customer utilizing the brand’s Match Stix Contour Skinstick to achieve the broccoli freckle effect. The video, featuring a close-up of the model’s face and the broccoli floret gently pressed against the skin, has sparked intrigue and garnered attention across social media platforms.

While the broccoli method adds an element of fun to the beauty world, it’s essential to exercise caution. Dermatologists advise using makeup products specifically formulated for creating freckles to avoid potential irritation or allergic reactions.

For those eager to experiment with the broccoli beauty trend, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Choose the right makeup: Opt for a cream or liquid product designed for creating freckles or contouring, avoiding products like bronzer that may appear too harsh.
  2. Less is more: Apply your chosen makeup product to a broccoli floret and gently press it against your skin to create freckle-like dots. Start with a few dots on your nose and cheeks, gradually building up the density for a natural look.
  3. Blend seamlessly: Use a clean makeup brush or your fingertips to blend the freckles, softening the edges for a realistic finish.
  4. Set the look: Lock in the freckles with a translucent setting powder to prevent smudging throughout the day.
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Ultimately, whether achieved with makeup or the broccoli technique, faux freckles offer a playful and personalized way to enhance natural beauty. Fenty Beauty’s embrace of the broccoli freckles trend exemplifies the brand’s commitment to creativity and inclusivity in the world of beauty.