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Doechii and JT Drop New Collab “Alter Ego”

Doechii | Corey Nickols/Getty Images for IMDb

Doechii and JT, two rising talents in the hip-hop scene, have recently teamed up to unveil their latest single, “Alter Ego.” With Doechii signing to Top Dawg Entertainment in 2022 and JT continuing her solo endeavors alongside her City Girls tenure, the duo brings a fresh perspective to the track.

Doechii teased the song as a departure from the norm, branding it as “editorial rap,” a fusion of hip-hop and house music that creates a distinct sonic landscape. Setting the scene further, the accompanying music video immerses viewers in the Florida swamp, with Doechii navigating an airboat and JT embracing the mud—a nod to their roots.

“Alter Ego” showcases clever punchlines and an upbeat tempo, diverging from traditional rap norms and offering a vibrant, dancefloor-ready anthem. Despite being in development for some time, the collaboration between Doechii and JT injects new life into the track. Moreover, Doechii expressed JT as her ideal choice for the feature, highlighting their seamless chemistry.

In an exchange with Interview, Doechii praised JT’s contribution to the song, stating, “You literally made me re-love this song all over again.” This unexpected pairing promises to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and unique blend of styles, solidifying both artists’ positions as innovative forces in the hip-hop landscape.

As “Alter Ego” makes its mark on the music scene, fans eagerly anticipate future collaborations and solo projects from these two dynamic artists.

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