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Dakota Johnson Addresses Viral Earthquake Interview: ‘We Live in California’

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Dakota Johnson, the acclaimed actress known for her roles in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and ‘Madame Web,’ addressed her recent viral moment when an earthquake struck during an interview. Speaking exclusively with ET’s Ash Crossan at the Madame Web premiere in Los Angeles, Johnson shared her reaction to the internet buzz surrounding her calm demeanor during the seismic event.

As the 4.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Southern California, Johnson maintained her composure, sparking a wave of internet memes and discussions about her seemingly nonchalant response. Reflecting on the viral moment, Johnson shrugged off the attention, emphasizing the reality of living in earthquake-prone California.

“Well, I feel like, you know, we live in California,” Johnson remarked when asked about her reaction to the earthquake. “What are you gonna do? Freak out about an earthquake?”

During the original interview, Johnson’s tranquil response to the earthquake contrasted with the unexpected interruption, creating a memorable and humorous moment. Despite the magnitude of the quake, Johnson and those around her remained unfazed, opting not to follow traditional safety protocols.

Aside from her viral moment, Johnson expressed excitement about the premiere of ‘Madame Web,’ her latest venture in the realm of superhero cinema. In the film, Johnson portrays Cassie Webb, a paramedic endowed with psychic powers following a near-death experience. Describing ‘Madame Web’ as a departure from traditional superhero narratives, Johnson highlighted its emphasis on psychological depth and female empowerment.

“I think that this film is more grounded in reality,” Johnson explained, emphasizing its psychological thriller elements and unconventional approach to superhero storytelling. “It’s about a young woman whose superpower is her mind, and she embraces other powerful women, offering an inspiring and uplifting take on the genre.”

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Johnson’s portrayal of Cassie Webb challenges conventional gender norms, depicting a female character navigating her journey to self-discovery in a male-dominated world. For Johnson, the opportunity to portray a complex and multifaceted character resonated deeply, offering a refreshing departure from stereotypical female roles.

As ‘Madame Web’ prepares to hit theaters, Johnson anticipates audiences will embrace its unique blend of action, suspense, and female empowerment. Joined by a talented ensemble cast, including Celeste O’Connor, Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Adam Scott, Johnson’s latest project promises to captivate audiences with its innovative take on the superhero genre.

Amid earthquake tremors and Hollywood premieres, Dakota Johnson remains a beacon of grace and resilience, embodying the spirit of California living and cinematic excellence.

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