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Celine Dion Hopes ‘I Am Celine Dion’ Will Inspire Those Struggling


Celine Dion celebrated her upcoming documentary, I Am Celine Dion, on Monday night in New York City with a special screening.

The legendary singer’s project is a love letter to her fans. It highlights the music that has guided her through life and documents her struggle with stiff-person syndrome. She was diagnosed with this rare neurological illness in December 2022.

Dion emphasized that she didn’t want the documentary to focus solely on her career. Instead, she aimed to raise awareness about her condition and its impact on her life, which led to postponed and canceled tour dates.

“It’s such an honor and a privilege to be a mother,” Dion told The Hollywood Reporter before the screening. “I thought it was my biggest responsibility to know what was going on with my health for my kids and my fans.”

Despite her struggles, Dion hopes to inspire others facing their own challenges. “A lot of people are suffering or feeling alone,” she said. “I hope this documentary lets them know that I am here as a mother, an artist, and a woman who wants to help people.”

Irene Taylor directed the documentary, focusing on Dion’s current life and career. Taylor praised the freedom she had to build a relationship with Dion and revealed that Dion wanted to talk about herself in the film.

At the screening, Dion shared an anecdote from the documentary. “I compared myself to an apple from a tree,” she said. “A fan recently told me, ‘We’re not here for the apple. We’re here for the tree.'”

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