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Cardi B’s Icy Floral Manicure Steals Spotlight

Cardi B's
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Cardi B’s latest manicure is captivating attention and freezing hearts with its icy allure. Instead of embracing traditional spring pastels, the rapper opted for a striking taupe gray hue adorned with translucent 3D floral charms that resemble delicate ice sculptures.

Attending The Hollywood Reporter’s Power Stylists event in Los Angeles, Cardi B showcased her frosty fingertips alongside her stylist Kollin Carter. Manicurist Coca Michelle meticulously crafted the intricate nail art, featuring oversized flower-shaped charms that appear to be carved from crystal-clear ice, adding a touch of elegance and avant-garde flair to her look.

Cardi B's

Getty Images

Each elongated stiletto nail meticulously painted in either a matte gray or a sheer grayish-taupe tone provided the perfect backdrop for the eye-catching floral embellishments. Unlike traditional floral designs, these charms boast modern, sculptural shapes reminiscent of blown glass, offering a mesmerizing visual effect.

Cardi B complemented her wintry manicure with matching blue-gray contacts and a glamorous updo adorned with soft curls, further enhancing the ethereal vibe of her ensemble. Known for her daring nail choices, Cardi B’s latest creation adds another dimension to her signature style, proving that gray nails are a versatile and stylish option year-round.

As celebrities like Lily James and Gabrielle Union have also embraced gray nails in recent times, it’s clear that this trend is here to stay. With jewels, 3D charms, and decals dominating the nail art scene, Cardi B’s frosty floral manicure serves as the perfect inspiration for those looking to make a statement with their nails this season.

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