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Mathilde Gibeaux’s Bread Tips for Weight Loss Success

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Is it possible to indulge in bread while on a weight loss journey? Mathilde Gibeaux, a renowned dietitian from Paris and president of the Association Miam, offers insights into maintaining a healthy relationship with bread without compromising your fitness goals.

Bread often finds itself in the spotlight as a culprit in weight gain, but Gibeaux challenges this perception. While bread does contribute calories, the real concern lies in its complex carbohydrates, especially in white bread with its high glycemic index. However, Gibeaux emphasizes that with moderation and informed choices, bread can still have a place in your diet without hindering weight loss efforts.

So, how can bread lovers navigate their weight loss journey while still enjoying their favorite carbs? Gibeaux advocates for portion control, recommending around 80g of bread for breakfast and 60g for dinner. By monitoring portion sizes, individuals can manage their energy intake effectively and promote fat utilization without feeling deprived.

Furthermore, the type of bread matters significantly. Choosing whole-grain varieties over refined white bread can help stabilize blood sugar levels and promote satiety, making it easier to adhere to a weight loss plan.

However, it’s crucial to be mindful of salt content in bread, as excessive salt intake can lead to water retention issues. Mathilde Gibeaux advises monitoring salt intake, particularly when consuming bread, to stay within recommended daily limits and support overall health goals.

In conclusion, Gibeaux’s expert guidance underscores that bread can indeed be part of a balanced diet, even during weight loss endeavors. By practicing moderation, selecting whole-grain options, and monitoring salt intake, bread lovers can continue to enjoy their favorite staple while working towards their fitness aspirations.

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