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Bella Hadid’s Bold Business Chic: Skort and Platform Loafers Take Center Stage

Photo credit: MEGA

Bella Hadid returns to the spotlight with a fashion statement that exudes confidence and style. Embracing the role of a business-ready entrepreneur, the 27-year-old model showcases a unique blend of sophistication and edginess in her latest ensemble.

Styled by Molly Dickinson, Hadid’s outfit captures the essence of contemporary luxury, redefining the power suit with a modern twist. Opting for a micro suit by Gucci, she effortlessly combines a tailored blazer with skorts, offering a fresh take on traditional business attire.


Moreover, what sets this look apart is Hadid’s fearless choice of footwear. Balancing her ultra-short skort with dangerously high platform loafers from Gucci, she adds a touch of daring to her ensemble. Additionally, the prominent sole of the loafers reimagines a classic silhouette, elevating her outfit to new heights of style.

Complementing her attire with a nude tank top and an array of accessories, including a black belt with the Gucci logo and a soft red leather Ancora bucket bag, Hadid embraces the contemporary luxury aesthetic with ease. Her ensemble is further personalized with bold jewelry and stylish black rectangular-framed eyeglasses, adding a hint of sophistication to her look.

In this fashion-forward ensemble, Bella Hadid proves once again that she is a trendsetter, effortlessly blending high fashion with her own unique flair. With her daring choice of attire, she leaves a lasting impression, inspiring others to embrace boldness and individuality in their personal style.

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