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Bella Hadid Sparks Cowgirl Fever with Western Twist

Credit: Instagram/@bellahadid

As a perennial ‘horse girl,’ Bella Hadid has seamlessly transitioned her fashion sensibilities from the streets of New York to the ranches of Fort Worth, Texas. Embracing the spirit of the Wild West, Hadid’s recent wardrobe choices reflect a fusion of cowgirl chic and urban sophistication, breathing new life into the timeless allure of Western fashion.

Influenced by her surroundings in Fort Worth and the broader cultural zeitgeist, Hadid has emerged as a trailblazer in the resurgence of the Western aesthetic. From cowboy hats to leather pants and Texan equestrian regalia, her style evolution mirrors the growing fascination with all things Western in the fashion world. Cultural touchstones like Louis Vuitton’s “Virginia, Paris” Fall/Winter 2024 menswear collection and Beyoncé’s upcoming country album, “Cowboy Carter,” further cement the appeal of Western-inspired attire.

Gone are the days of Susamusa cut-out trousers and Stella McCartney-era Chloé; in their place reign fringed suede, boot-cut denim, and statement buckle belts. Bella Hadid’s Texan outing, witnessed while cheering on her horse wrangler boyfriend Adan Banuelos at a competition, epitomizes her embrace of cavalier couture. In a departure from her former urban-chic ensembles, she redefines the classic “jeans and a nice top” combination with leather trousers, a sheer halter neck, and a suede cowboy hat, accentuated by an amulet-style necklace and a borrowed horse riding championship prize adorning her belt.

Hadid’s foray into Western fashion signals a broader shift, offering validation to self-described horse girls everywhere. With influential figures like Hadid championing Western silhouettes, a rehabilitated image for horse enthusiasts seems imminent. As the fashion world embraces this newfound fascination with all things Western.

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