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Steven McCoy Sets Sail for Impact with Historic Launch of Spoken Heroes

In a world where challenges often shape destinies, one man conquers on a journey of empowerment and inclusivity that defies the odds. Steven McCoy, the reputable journalist, recognized as the world’s first black deafblind journalist, has taken the helm in launching Spoken Heroes—a nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices by bridging the gap between disabled and abled individuals through technology, advocacy, and workforce development.
Steven’s journey has been one of overcoming challenges and embracing his identity. Living with Usher Syndrome, a condition causing blindness and hearing loss, Steven’s path to self-discovery was marked by uncertainty and fear. Through perseverance and mobility training, he defied the odds, culminating in a historic milestone as the world’s first black deafblind journalist in 2022, where he was invited to Washington, D.C. to accept the U.S Challenge Coin for his historic and legendary mark in the world.
Reflecting on the genesis of Spoken Heroes, The Founder and President, Steven himself  shares, “Spoken Heroes is truly the essence of who I am and my dream for the world.” Steven’s partner Co-Founder and Vice President, Ste’fon Ikner, goes beyond more than a business arrangement—it’s a testament to the strength found in unity. With Ste’fon’s marketing expertise and role as Steven’s Support Service Provider, their collaboration shines brightly in their shared mission to advocate for inclusivity.
Their partnership stands as a symbol of resilience and unity in the face of societal biases and disparities faced upon black men. Beyond challenging stereotypes, at this critical juncture in the world, Steven and Ste’fon’s unity serves as a vital source of hope and empowerment.
In today’s societal landscape, particularly Black men in America, it is a heartwarming experience for the world to witness two young black men come together in a display of loving support and solidarity, against the grain of patriarchy in leading with a new vision of authentic expression. Both exude fearlessness in their vulnerability, prioritizing the well-being of their mental and emotional health by consistently offering each other patience, protection, and prominence. We asked Steven, what the key to a successful partnership and he responds “Having two separate roles within your business and aligned mission and goals I believe truly helps with the success of a business partnership. For me, heart, hunger, kindness, consideration and understanding has to be there in any partnership.“ Members of the disabled community are frequently exploited. When we inquired about this pressing issue, Steven shared his firsthand encounters with deception, betrayal, and theft. He says “Being someone with a disability we have unfortunately always been a target to take advantage of, there are a lot of ultracrepidarians out there! It’s important to be cognizant of your space. Viewing things from a third eye and special ear – it helps! I trust GOD, I am guided and I do right by people, not just because I believe in karma, but because my heart simply loves people and I am fierce in displaying that love to the world. The face of disability has changed from what the world once known it to be. Today we are empowered and we control our destiny.” he says with his most contagious smile. When pressed on matters of the heart, we asked about his personal life and aspirations, the composed journalist shared a laugh before revealing that his current focus lies on shedding light upon his nonprofit organization, Spoken Heroes.
Steven’s audience gets a more up-close and personal glimpse into his world through his social media, where he shares his stylish adventures, exquisite events, interviews, and behind-the-scenes moments. Steven has long been embraced by a devoted audience that has stood by him for over a decade and his social media reflects that.
Spoken Heroes transcends its role as a nonprofit organization through an innovative collaboration with legendary Hip-Hop MC KRS-One. Set to operate from the Temple of Hip Hop facility in Newark, NJ, this partnership will create opportunities for disabled music talents to engage in KRS-One’s new music and television projects—an innovative blend of artistry and inclusivity.
In a heartfelt appeal to the community, Steven introduces a GoFundMe page  to garner support for Spoken Heroes’ initiatives. Recognizing the collective effort required to drive change, he underscores, “It takes a village to change the world.” The link to the GoFundMe page serves as a call-to-action  for individuals to unite in championing Spoken Heroes’ mission of empowerment and inclusivity.
As Steven McCoy continues to steer Spoken Heroes towards new horizons, his narrative embodies the essence of resilience, unity, and great determination. Through his leadership, Spoken Heroes emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment in a world hungry for transformation. We asked the historic figure how he’d like to be remembered he said “I would like to be remembered as someone who loved fearlessly, and someone who used my platform to effect change in bridging the gap between abled and disabled individuals, all ethnicities, and backgrounds to create a more inclusive world. That would be Spoken Heroes, this is and will be my legacy.”
Steven has consulted on animation films and gaming projects slated to be released this year. His hope is that through his creativity, the art will allow those to see and hear themselves in many art forms. It was also announced that Steven will be the keynote speaker for the International Symposium on Usher Syndrome in Nijmegen, the Netherlands in June of 2025.
Stay updated on Steven by following him on Instagram : @StevenMcCoy and @SpokenHeroes
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